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Haversac provides simple, fast, and affordable tailored solutions for the collection and management of data and documents in clinical research studies.  Our hands-on personalized approach serves value focused studies with flexibility and responsiveness from rapid study deployment to a successful end.   

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Haversac EDC™

A next generation CDISC CFR 11 compliant electronic data collection system: Haversac EDC was designed by field professionals for field professionals, and these seasoned CRA veterans direct our software engineers through essential site environment workflow and functionality. Haversac EDC users complete trial tasks with a clean, fast, and efficient interface that provides uncluttered capabilities where and when they are needed. Haversac EDC delivers an intuitive orientation experience to guide user actions toward a faster, and more enjoyable, completion of study tasks.       


Haversac eTMF™

Use Haversac’s default E6 Good Clinical Practices (GCP) file structure, or customize required documents on a per study basis.   Haversac eTMF® users can dynamically require, or not-require, documents based on user answers to qualifying questions.  This saves effort.  Haversac eTMF® visually depicts the collected, checked, and signed-off status of each document to focus efforts and ensure regulatory compliance.  This approval feature, along with folder access control for each study role, makes it practical to distribute collection responsibilities among study participants like Investigators or Monitors. 

Haversac eTMF® automatically adds GCP or custom document requirements for each new site, investigator, or laboratory to ensure that no document requirement is missed. 


Haversac’s leadership has been in the business of software aided human processes within healthcare for over 20 years. For us, the best possible solutions occur when people and software are attuned with one another. In Haversac, we feel privileged to partner with the finest research professionals to deliver premier study role and software services to the clinical trial industry.   

As the trial industry is constantly striving for greater efficiency, Haversac endlessly endeavors to make our services better and more cost effective.  Assuming greater than normal responsibility for the trial roles we deliver is just one example.  Here we use our software to track, document, and measure these services to meet our obligations, but also lower administrative burden for the study. Another is how we view our software as a living service that evolves with a study’s needs. Haversac is a steady team member that helps solve unforeseen study challenges as they arise without the distraction of change orders.

Charging for services only as they are delivered means we must consistently earn the privilege to serve a study.  We are invited to the next study because we performed above and beyond in the last.  Please contact us to discuss if the Haversac approach is right for your study.     




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