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Haversac Ticket


A clinical trial non-query issues management system: Haversac Ticket™ captures study team email traffic regarding non-query issues, items, questions, and general topics (“tickets”) to organize and simplify their management. Study team members can continue to use their desired email applications and devices. 


Tickets are numbered, time-stamped, categorized, and documented so they can be guided to resolution and closure. Ticket content is customizable and can contain resolution owners, open and close cycle time, uploaded files, and more. Permitted users can add unlimited folders to organize tickets, have control over their resolution status, and download ticket listings and documents for master file archive. 

Well documented tickets facilitate continuous high standard research consultant performance, and in the event a consultant is replaced, Haversac Ticket provides a single organized location of communications that will help new study members come up to speed quickly. 

Like our other products, Haversac Ticket is purchased as a stand-alone software service for a flat monthly fee, no matter how many users within a study.    

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