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Haversac Payment


Automated Clinical Trial Payment Management


Haversac Payment® keeps a study moving efficiently by automating the management of accurate and timely payments to trial contributors in any of the world’s currencies.    This includes clinical sites and other third party service providers whose consistent payment is critical for on-time study performance.   





































Haversac Payment® enables a trial’s financial commitments to contributors (“payees”) to be automatically projected, tracked and managed.  Study budgets are increasingly important in today’s clinical trial environment and Haversac Payment® projects the potential financial commitment to each payee from visits, forms, or procedures they may complete.  This gives a Haversac Payment® user a clear projection of the potential payout vs. the amount the study has budgeted. 


Easily link a specific payee’s reimbursement to the completion status of particular Visits or Forms.  Let Haversac Payment® calculate what is committed against budget, earned, approved and paid.   Follow the numbered steps to see how simple it is to use:


1) Visits or Forms: Assign fee’s for Visits or Forms/Procedures based on a data entry and quality stage.  View totals at the Payee, Visit/Form Group, or the Visit and Form level. Hyperlink to the Visit or Form view within Haversac EDC® for further review of questions, answers, queries, etc.

2) Include/Exclude Payment: After review, include or exclude payments for all of a Payee's Visit and Forms, Visit/Form Groups, or individual Visits or Forms.  The total selected to be paid is calculated and shown on the screen. 

3) Committed:  Haversac Payment® calculates the potential count of the Visit/Forms, and so the committed - budgeted amount to be paid, based on the number of Site-Subjects assigned to that Payee.


4) Earned:  Once the Visit/Form reaches the assigned entry/quality stage, Haversac Payment® will add it to the amount a payee has earned.

5) Balances:  Balance to be paid for the committed and earned Visits and Forms is automatically calculated. 


6) Remittance Letters: Haversac Payment® will generate custom remittance report-letters and make even the most complex payment requirements easy and accurate, in any currency.   

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