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Haversac Randomization


Haversac Randomization® uses the arms and stratification parameters that are easily set up in the Haversac Study Capture® module.  Haversac Study Capture® enables study designs from earlier studies to be copied; including randomization parameters.   This reduces study setup effort.  Haversac Randomization® offers two standard methods of randomization, and custom randomization algorithms can be added.  The two standard Haversac methods are: 

Simple Randomization: Haversac offers this commonly used and intuitive procedure that is robust against both selection and accidental biases.

Permuted block randomization with/or without stratification: Haversac Randomization® permuted block dynamically generates block lists per stratification or externally-generated lists that can be uploaded.   Stratifications are easily and quickly added in the Haversac Study Capture® module.  

Regardless of the standard or custom randomization chosen, Haversac Randomization® enables designers to simulate distribution and monitor the randomization algorithm while the study is underway.

1) Simulation: Simulate the randomization outcomes on each study design and view the results graphically. 

2) Underway Monitoring: Monitor ongoing study randomization distribution within Haversac EDC®.   

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